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Subject BIADW Guideline_presentation form Date 2020-08-10
File 첨부파일20200701_guideline_eng.pdf [793.4K] 첨부파일20200701_guideline_kr.pdf [852.4K] Writer BAF

★1st submission

- The first proposal (image file and a video file of presentation within 10 minutes) on the web

- image file : A3 size(landscape-type, pdf file, No limit in the number of page, 300dpi), video file
: 720p


★★2nd submission

- the secondproposal in the same manner as the first session.


★★★Final submission

- The final submission should be the image file for panel exhibition and a video file within 10 minutes.
- The video content should include the expression of a proposed scenario and its spatial program.
- image file : A0 size(portrait-type, jpeg or pdf file, 300dpi), video file : 1080p(FHD)