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Balcony and Violin, Life of Post-COVID-19
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Subject Tutors for Critique Date 2020-08-12
File 첨부파일tutors_for_critique.pdf [45.9K] Writer BIADW2020

Dear tutors and participants


BIADW2020 selected tutors to do the 1st and 2nd critique of each team. We tried to assign tutors from various countries to each team without duplication. Please check the team name carefully and provide good opinions on the website during the critique period. In the 1st critique, the scope was to present a scenario for the life of post-COVID19 and space demand for it.

Now, I think each participant is working hard on ideas in line with the first submission deadline. And the 1st critique period is 8/16~8/22. I would appreciate it if you use text, images, and videos so that participants can understand the tutor's opinions.